How to plan a successful job search

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Landing the exact job you are looking for is definitely challenging. However if your search for the right job is successful then the rewards can be awesome. The search that you undertake when looking for the dream job should be well planned. Above everything else, to carry out a successful job search, you need to be focused, prepared and organized.


When searching for a job people are not prepared for the long haul and hence it becomes a challenge to maintain the commitment, perseverance and patience that is needed for a successful job search. For people who do manage to keep that level of commitment the rewards are worth it because the job that they end up with, meets their financial and jobs-clip-artpersonal needs. Listed below are some secrets that will go a long way to help your land that dream job.



Build a comprehensive Job Search Plan


This step is as important as it sounds, it can help you achieve your goal much quicker. A Job Search Plan should clearly define, track and measure how you are progressing with your job search. The plan does not need to be fancy; keeping it simple might be more beneficial in this case.


Be clear on your Career Objective


The basic question that you need to ask in this respect is : What type of job are you seeking? The answer to this is going to help you clearly identify the kind of job you’re looking for. Identifying your abilities, skills and interests will make you more positive in your search. Apart from that having clear objectives help you stay focused on finding the right job.


Establish and Measure Your Goals


Most people often make the mistake of setting aggressive goals for themselves which ultimately result in a failure. So its best to first make an assessment of your requirements and set the goals accordingly. You need daily, weekly, and monthly goals and it’s key that you track your progress.


A goal might be to get in contact with 2 HR managers every week. Another goal might be to walk into 5 interviews a week. Most people don’t do this but keeping a log of your job search tasks on your computer or manually will give you valuable information on how to improve your job search.



Build a List of Companies


You cannot possibly apply to all the companies in your segment, so its better to create a list of companies which should be best suited for you. The first question that should come to mind is : What type of company you would prefer to work for? When answering this always keep in mind the type of work, the company size, its location etc. All this information is easily available online across various websites; also local business guides will be very helpful in this regard. The company websites will also give you tons of information. A decent size should be 12-24 organizations in your first job search.


Challenges in Android App Development

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Google a few years ago Google launched the Android operating system and in a short space of time the OS gained a large user base. The things that work in Android’s favor is- its open source , a large number of companies sell smartphones running on Android , Play Store IconAndroid is app friendly.  And for these reasons millions of apps have flooded the Playstore .
The huge user base of Android has created a market for application development which is getting bigger by the day. Thousands of apps are submitted to the playstore everyday. The target user base of these apps is huge but so are the challenges in creating the apps.
Some of the challenges in Android App Development and marketing are:
Absence of proper Usage policies: Google has been rather lenient allowing app developers to tweak and twist apps to suit their purpose. There is no basic rules rules that have been laid down by the company, let’s see if some basics come up in the near future as it will be important for the long term.

Large number of smartphone makers: Android is being used by a large number of smartphone manufacturers but they do so with some modifications. These modifications are not uniform across the board and do create a problem. Each company has its own Libraries, features and so app development must be compatible with all these.

Version Updates of Android: Google does launch multiple versions of Android and they are launched in quick time . Thus these updates pose an issue in compatibility of the app for more than one version.

Different Hardware:  As far as hardware is concerned, with different smartphones having different screen sizes, operating mechanisms and processing speeds its becoming difficult everyday to makes the apps compatible.

Huge Competition: As the app store is already flooded with a huge number of apps its very difficult for a new app to be visible to its future users. In order to be visible developers have to promote android app . So it means ASO is also very important, if possible one can also buy app installs and reviews .

Monetizing:  Now every developer would earn something for the hard work that they have put in to create the app. However monetizing an app can act like a double edged sword as advertisements in your app may drive away your users. Again if your make your app a paid one they it runs the risk of not taking off at all .